Asymmetrical Beauty

“My work looks handmade, it’s how I want it to look. Nothing is perfectly symmetrical, but it’s all so beautiful.” – Lawrence Baca Lawrence Baca is a multi-talented, award-winning jewelry designer, born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Baca’s work has a rugged splendor that conveys a pure joy, a joy that becomes tangible, wearable. Collectors … Continue reading Asymmetrical Beauty

A World of Dreams and Myths

Let yourself be drawn into a world of vibrant color, of legend and lore, a world of dreams and myths.  “True Myths,” featuring the paintings of Phyllis Stapler, begins on September 7, 2018. While exploring a range of mythical and legendary themes, Phyllis conveys her deep reverence for nature and the sentience of animals with pieces rich in color yet … Continue reading A World of Dreams and Myths

Flowers, Always, and Always

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet Monet wasn’t alone in this need. The need to surround ourselves with flowers and natural beauty is universal. That beauty, reflected in art, is as old as time. It crosses cultures and generations. It transcends boundaries and rises above words. Surround yourself with flowers.     Continue reading Flowers, Always, and Always

The Legends

When was the last time you met a legend? Three legends in the Native American art community will be joining us at Sorrel Sky Gallery Santa Fe during Indian Market. Come meet a legend! Kevin Red Star Ben Nighthorse Ray Tracey The artist reception on August 16, 2018, from 5-7:30 pm at 125 W. Palace Ave, showcases The … Continue reading The Legends