Where the Magic Happens: A Tour of Ben Nighthorse’s Studio

By Amanda Nichols “I’m a Route 66 man. Always on the road,” Ben tells us, showing off his collection of rare, fun road signs. But he’s not only referring to his love of motorcycles and highway paraphernalia; Ben’s referring to his start as a jeweler. According to Ben Nighthorse, one of America’s most celebrated Masters … Continue reading Where the Magic Happens: A Tour of Ben Nighthorse’s Studio

Stephen Day – Celebrating the Southwest

By Gavin McCalden One of the most notable characteristics of Stephen Day’s oil paintings is the glorified portrayal of the Southwest landscape. Utilizing large, partly cloudy skies with minimalist landscapes, he uses the expansive nature of the Southwest to create awe-inspiring landscape paintings. Born in Sheridan, Wyoming, Day spent much of his childhood living in … Continue reading Stephen Day – Celebrating the Southwest

Spirit in the Pines

By Linda Perala-Hunt Some of us may see pine needles as a chore we have to tend to in the spring and fall when the large swaying pine trees shed their needles, and need to be raked from our yards.  Mimi Bonkowske sees a basket. It was seventeen years ago after moving to Colorado, that … Continue reading Spirit in the Pines

Statement Rings for Summer

By Amanda Nichols Every year summer comes to Colorado bringing all of our favorite things: hiking, farmers markets, sun hats and barbeques, to name a few. With this oncoming summer, I couldn’t help but notice all the big, bold rings everyone has been wearing and I know our customers have noticed as well. With the … Continue reading Statement Rings for Summer

What is it about squares?

By Jill Soens Pat Howard paints both squares as background in her watercolors and one foot square paintings so we asked her what is it about squares? “I have been working with squares for well over 10 years.  There are 5 universal symbols:  the circle, the spiral, the triangle, the cross-plus symbol and the square.  … Continue reading What is it about squares?