Flowers, Always, and Always

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet Monet wasn’t alone in this need. The need to surround ourselves with flowers and natural beauty is universal. That beauty, reflected in art, is as old as time. It crosses cultures and generations. It transcends boundaries and rises above words. Surround yourself with flowers.     Advertisements Continue reading Flowers, Always, and Always

Nature’s Spontaneity

  “Their work … it’s infectious and enchanting.” – Shanan Campbell Wells Even though it’s only July, we’re eagerly anticipating the two-person show this fall, “Nature’s Spontaneity,” featuring the distinctive yet complementary works of plein air painters Peggy Immel and Stephen Day. Surrounded by the unceasing spontaneity seen in nature, each artist will present over … Continue reading Nature’s Spontaneity

“True Myths”

Coming this fall … “True Myths” with Phyllis Stapler Phyllis pulls us into a world of vibrant color, of legend and lore, a world that is new but familiar at the same time. – Shanan Campbell Wells This one-woman show, “True Myths,” featuring the paintings of Phyllis Stapler, begins on September 7, 2018. With several … Continue reading “True Myths”