More Space. More Artists. More Art.

Sorrel Sky Gallery Durango Has Grown!

Over the past several weeks, without closing for a single day, Sorrel Sky Gallery Durango expanded its space by close to 50% … which means room for more artists and more art! The motivation behind the layout and design was to provide art lovers with an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere for exploring the work of complementary artists.

Below are some highlights of how this remodel brings you MORE … more artists, more art, more options.

Pairing photography or paintings with bronze sculptures, handpainted chandeliers, and more, adds perspective, allowing you to imagine how to place these items in your own space.

Photography by Tony Stromberg, bronze by Bryce Pettit, chandelier by Jenny Floravita

Videos of the artists explaining their inspiration and intent are seen throughout the viewing rooms, letting you connect in a deeper way to both the artist and their artwork.

An artist new to Sorrel Sky is celebrated painter Tom Gilleon. One of the top-selling artists in the Contemporary Western art movement, Tom’s works are sought after by collectors throughout the art world. The decision to have Tom join the gallery was made with careful consideration. His career spans half a century and his move toward legacy work has opened up a whole new facet of inspiration for him. We feel privileged to be part of this segment of his artistic journey and look forward to seeing what new works he’ll be creating.

Paintings by Tom Gilleon, bronze by Jim Eppler
Tom Gilleon shares the inspiration behind Brule

While displaying dozens of works from one artist for a show, you’re still able to enjoy works from other artists.

Immediately after completion, we put the expanded wall space to the test with stunning results. While holding a one-man show featuring close to 30 oversized works by world-renowned photographer David Yarrow, we continued to display works by all our other artists. Included is a new series of works by both painter Miles Glynn and sculptor Rosetta, as well as pieces from Santa Fe artist, Arlene LaDelle Hayes.

Photography by David Yarrow alongside jewelry and small bronze works

Photography by David Yarrow and fine art gourds by Robert Rivera
Paintings by Roberto Ugalde and Edward Aldrich
Paintings by Miles Glynn, bronze by George Lundeen, Greg Kelsey, and Jim Eppler, chandelier by Jenny Floravita
Paintings by Arlene LaDelle Hayes, bronze by Rosetta

“We’re so excited to have completed this remodel and be able to offer our clients and visitors a newly energized space to enjoy the work of our amazing artists. When they walk through the redesigned rooms, they’ll experience a New York City vibe with a Western attitude. It’s sort of a 21-year-old birthday gift to Sorrel Sky Durango that everyone gets to enjoy.”

— Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery
Shanan Campbell with her son Saylor Longfellow – Photography by David Yarrow

WHAT: More Space. More artists. More art.

WHERE: 828 Main Ave, Durango, Colorado

Be sure to reach out to our team of art advisors with any questions about the works seen in this blog. We’d love to see you in the gallery, where you can enjoy this stunning artwork in person.

Photographs seen in this blog are courtesy of Heidi Chowen