The Strength and Fragility of Wild Things

Bronze rocking horse sculpture of a horse in red cowgirl boots by Lisa Gordon as seen at Sorrel Sky Gallery
Rockin’ Rodeo Cowgirl

Whether you’re a horse lover, an animal lover, an art enthusiast, or simply looking for inspiration, Lisa Gordon’s sculptures are sure to capture your imagination and leave you feeling both empowered and enchanted. Her one-woman show “Wild Things,” opens at Sorrel Sky Santa Fe, on March 3 and runs through March 31, featuring works that celebrate the coming of spring and that bit of wildness in each one of us.

Lisa’s passion for horses has been the driving force behind her remarkable bronze sculptures that portray the power and vulnerability of these majestic creatures. Having sketched, ridden, cared for, and trained horses in her teenage years, Lisa found her calling in creating sculptures that pay homage to their beauty and grace. But her works are not limited to horses alone; her sculptures also capture the wildness of other animals, reminding us of the delicate balance between power and fragility that exists in nature. She invites us to reflect on our own strengths and vulnerabilities … and to recognize and celebrate our own inner wild thing.

“Horses are powerful, but that’s not what they need in a situation of precarious balance. They’re massive, physical beings, but there’s a frailty and delicacy of the legs—much like the human soul.

Lisa Gordon

Living and working in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Lisa’s artwork serves as a metaphor for the human experience, demonstrating the balance between having fun and giving life purpose. Through her whimsical depictions of horses balanced on spheres, walking through hoops, and swaying on rockers while wearing cowboy boots, Lisa reminds us that life is not just about finding purpose, but also about having fun and enjoying the journey.

“Lisa’s sculptures have a definite element of whimsy. But they’re so much more. When we take a moment and really look, we see ourselves. We see the strength and commitment needed to stay connected and to be joyful.”

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery

WHEN: Opening March 3 from 5-7 pm

WHERE: 125 W Palace Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico

HOW LONG: You can always find Lisa’s works at …

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Champion on the Ball Fountain