Minimalist or Maximalist … What’s Your Style?

For jewelry lovers and collectors, exploring different styles of jewelry design and identifying what styles you are most drawn to, those that are your jewelry soulmate, are essential aspects of creating a diverse and meaningful collection. Two styles that well represent the wide diversity found in high jewelry are MINIMALISM and MAXIMALISM. Each offers the jewelry lover and collector unique interpretations of beauty and design. At Sorrel Sky, our jewelry artists offer a wide range of options for the minimalist or maximalist in your life … or for you!


Minimalist jewelry designs typically embody a simple yet refined aesthetic. Pieces are characterized by clean lines and a focus on a single feature or material. Minimalist jewelry often features a single gemstone or geometric shape, creating a look that is both timeless and elegant. They are a favorite among collectors who connect more with understated elegance.


Maximalist jewelry design, on the other hand, is a feast for the eyes, showcasing elaborate and intricate styles. A maximalist piece of jewelry is a true masterpiece, often combining different materials and textures, such as diamonds, gold, and precious gems, to create a bold statement. These are must-haves for collectors who appreciate the artistry and extravagance of a design.


Minimalism or maximalism as seen in jewelry design, allows jewelry lovers and collectors to express their unique voices. Whether you are drawn to the simple elegance of minimalist jewelry or the bold statement of maximalist jewelry, your collection should reflect your individual spirit and elan. Building a collection of jewelry that showcases the diversity of design styles is a timeless pursuit, one that will provide joy and beauty for years to come.

Be sure to reach out to our team of art advisors with any questions about the works seen in this blog. We’d love to see you in the gallery, where you can enjoy these stunning pieces of minimalist and maximalist jewelry in person.