A Night Out With Your Love …

Bronze sculpture of an older Native American couple by Star Liana York
Fabric of Life, Winter Warmth by Star Liana York

With less than a month before Valentine’s Day, have you started making plans for a night out with your love? Here’s an idea … join us at Sorrel Sky Gallery. We have a couple of special events happening in February. Come sip wine and nibble chocolates, or celebrate the Wild West. And, as always, enjoy great art!

Wine, Chocolate, Painting, and Sculpture

Plein air painter Peggy Immel and sculptor Star Liana York live, work, and explore in the New Mexico landscape that brings them unlimited inspiration. On February 3 from 5-7 pm at Sorrel Sky Santa Fe, these two award-winning artists will be with us to sip wine, sample local chocolates, and discuss their chosen medium.

Rocky Mountain Gold by Peggy Immel

Whether it’s a cloudy sky or blue sky, golden aspens, or green fields, Peggy’s paintings reflect the unique lighting of the Southwest with luminosity and atmospheric effect. At the start of each new piece, she asks herself, “Why are you painting this?” which helps her stay focused on her intent and goal.

I believe the ‘why’ of a painting matters more than the ‘what.’ The most exciting pieces to paint have both a visual and philosophical foundation.”

Peggy Immel
A bronze sculpture of two coyote pups playing by Star Liana York as seen at Sorrel Sky Gallery
Coyote Pups by Star Liana York

As she works in her studio Star patiently waits for her subject to make itself known in the clay. The range of her work reflects her interest in the people, animals, environment, and history of the region. A continuing source of inspiration for her bronze sculptures comes from exploring the native peoples of the Southwest and the mythology of ancient sacred sites.

When a character emerges from a work I am sculpting, I feel touched at a deeply intimate, subconscious level. It is the essence in a work of art that makes it intensely personal and entirely universal at the same time interactions with different wildlife.”

Star Liana York

WHEN: Opening – February 3 from 5-7 pm

WHERE: 125 W Palace Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico

HOW LONG: You can always find Peggy and Star’s work at:


One-Man Show and Book Signing

Ever ready to add new chapters to his visual storytelling, world-renowned photographer David Yarrow returns to Durango to continue shooting his Wild West Series. On February 16, from 5-7 pm, David will be with us at Sorrel Sky Durango for a book signing of his new book, Storytelling.

Black and white photograph of a wagon with four draft horses by David Yarrow as seen at Sorrel Sky Gallery
1880 by David Yarrow

While recognizing that the American West has long been celebrated and its landscapes well documented, David feels the need “to go one stage further and treatise that unique topography with stories.” The cover of his new book, Storytelling, is his iconic shot, Iron Horse, featuring the immediately recognizable Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad.

There is no more enduring symbol of America than the cowboy, and the push west in the 19th century was the greatest story ever told. I want to create my own characters’ rich anthology to the wild west and, as of now, the job is only half done.”

David Yarrow

Cover of David Yarrow's new book, Storytelling, as seen at Sorrel Sky Gallery
Storytelling by David Yarrow

WHEN: Book Signing – February 16 from 5-7 pm

WHERE: 828 Main Ave, Durango, Colorado

HOW LONG: You can always find David’s work at:


“Art chronicles our past, captures our present, and imagines our future. These three artists do just that with their chosen medium. Each creates works that are evocative and moving, connecting us visually to the world around us, near or far.”

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery