The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.

Roman philosopher Cicero

One of many positive emotions, gratitude is also a very powerful one. Gratitude is more than being thankful. It’s said to be an attitude that remains appreciative under any circumstances. It helps us view simple everyday things in a positive light, turning the basics of life, our home, our family and friends, a good meal, or a beautiful sunset into treasures. When we feel gratitude our whole being benefits, and so do those around us. Here are a few ways gratitude makes our life better … and a few things some of us here at Sorrel Sky are grateful for.


… improves our self-esteem, energy, and health

… makes us happier and more optimistic

… enables us to better deal with stress or anxiety

… helps us be more generous and forgiving

… keeps us in the present moment

The changing seasons are always a welcome reminder for me that change is constant and good. Robert Ugalde’s Colors Before Winter, with his wonderful depiction of autumn in Colorado, is a favorite of mine right now.

– Jeanne

I am grateful for returning back home after living in Arizona for 22 years, and for this new experience with Sorrel Sky. I love the photography of David Yarrow and the amazing lengths that he travels to get those extraordinary shots. 

– Natalie

I am grateful for my family. Whether they be blood or not, there are numerous people in my life who bring me constant joy and keep me grounded. I believe sincere connection with those around us is vital. It is artists like Bryce Pettit, who put their family first and foremost in all their work, through a stamp or story, that I find to be truly inspiring.

– Elise

I’m thankful for time. Time to watch my daughters grow. Time to share adventures with my husband. Time to soak in the love offered by family and friends. And time for joy. Focusing on finding time to enjoy things both large and small in our day-to-day lives is crucial. I always find joy in painter Doyle Hostetler’s work. His art displays a quiet subtlety blended with an elegant boldness to create an awe-inspiring experience such as seen in his Appaloosa.

– Stacey

I’m grateful for my healthy family! The bold, crisp lines and finishes of Tim Cherry’s bronzes remind me that there’s so much you can do- or not do- with life, and so to focus on what’s most important. 

– Kris

I’m grateful for the folks that visit our Gallery to admire our art and jewelry and allow us to share our knowledge of the artists who we represent. Art is a universal and unifying language and I’m thankful to be a part of making this world a more beautiful place. I love and admire Bryce Pettit’s work – in particular, To the Ends of the Earth

– Nancy

I am grateful for moments with my loved ones. Phone calls with my grandma, hide and seek with my niece, hikes with my husband. Spending time with my loved ones always reminds me how blessed I am. I love Roberto Ugalde’s colorful aspen scenes, they remind me of summer vacations spent hiking in Colorado with my family.

 – Paige

I find myself thinking of old memories of Santa Fe. My son was born here, and the gallery I now work in is where Elaine Horwitch once had a gallery. It was considered to be THE place to show your work, that is if she would accept it. And now, here I am, all these years later, at Sorrel Sky, representing the works of the greats, like Ben Nighthorse, Kevin Red Star, Ray Tracey, David Yarrow, Star Liana York, and more. So many memories, so many opening nights, so many good times … then and now. 

– Daniel