The Bosque Del Apache

Make Way For Goslings by Star Liana York

How does nature influence you? Does it inspire you? Calm you? Strengthen you? Renowned sculptor Star Liana York recognizes the power nature has to do all of these. She actively seeks out and spends time in locations that offer her encounters with nature in her beloved Southwest. One of these is the Bosque Del Apache. This August her one-woman show will pay tribute to the wildlife found at this National Wildlife Park. Join us on opening night at our Santa Fe location from 5-7:30 pm, on August 5. Experience the power of nature in art, and listen to Star express her love for these protected wetlands.

All Legs under development in Star’s studio

“There is no better source of inspiration than the Bosque del Apache when I’m working on pieces that highlight animals from the Southwest. To be able to sit and watch these very active and visible birds and mammals, those moments are precious and restorative. The Southwest is so much more than just desert.”

Star Liana York
All Legs by Star Liana York

Over the years, Star has drawn inspiration from her many visits to the Bosque del Apache. This National Wildlife Park, located in San Antonio, New Mexico, is home to many of the birds and wildlife that are featured in Star’s work, such as eagles, owls, coyotes, mountain lions, weasels, raccoons, deer, and more. Established in 1939, the park encompasses over 57,300 acres, providing refuge to tens of thousands of migratory and wintering birds, as well as a variety of important mammals. 

Star hopes that this show, a tribute to the wildlife within these protected wetlands, will broaden peoples’ appreciation for, and strengthen their connection to, the natural wonders of the Southwest. Many of the birds and mammals that Star has observed in this beautiful location will be included in this show, as well as a new piece of an eagle, soaring with its wings fully outstretched.

Lookout by Star Liana York

“Nature has the ability to uplift, inspire and refresh us. By refocusing our attention on the natural world, Star gives us just what we need, at just the right time.”

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery,
on how Star’s sculptures reconnect us to the natural world

Opening reception is on August 5 from 5-7:30 pm at our downtown Santa Fe location at 125 W. Palace Ave. The show continues through August 31. You can always find Star’s work at Sorrel Sky Santa Fe, Sorrel Sky Durango and

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