Ornamenting Life

No matter the century, the country, the culture, people have been ornamenting their lives and the lives of others. There has never been a time when we haven’t taken pleasure in looking at beautiful things, creating beautiful things, collecting beautiful things, giving beautiful things. Ancient paintings on the walls of caves. Stone, bronze, and marble sculptures. Jewelry crafted from shells, bones, brass, precious metals. Weavings, baskets, woodturning, stained glass … the variety of art stretches back through time and will continue to stretch into our futures as we continue to create, to collect, to ornament.


noun | an accessory or item used to beautify the appearance of something

verb | make something more attractive by adding an embellishment

personal ornaments

What are the benefits of ornamenting our lives, and the lives of others? What happens when we add something beautiful? It might not be easy to explain or define. But we’ve all experienced those moments when we see a stunning vista, a brilliant sunset, a shimmering gold bracelet, a twinkling gemstone and we feel … good! Those beautiful things generate feelings and emotions that are positive and pleasant. It’s simply how we’re wired. We want to experience those moments again and again, and share them with others. So we seek out, select, and collect items that ornament life. Sometimes we keep them. Sometimes we give them.

small ornaments

medium ornaments

large ornaments

May these ideas, large and small, inspire you as you ornament your life and the lives of those around you this season. Remember, no well-chosen gift is ever a late gift! Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team of art advisors regarding any of the ornaments seen here or for assistance finding just the right piece. Visit us in Durango and Santa Fe or online.