Freedom. Strength.

The paintings of Greg Overton speak of the West. They speak of freedom and strength, power and resolve, pride and respect. Whether historical figures or warriors born of his own imagination, the intensity of Greg’s work demands our full attention. Each painting vibrates with controlled energy. That controlled energy can be traced to Greg himself. With over 30 years of training in various martial arts, his approach to life is that of an “empty-handed warrior” … preferring to diffuse rather than escalate a situation. The same expression can be used for the subjects found in his work. Portrayed in full headdress, cloaked in bearskins or buffalo robes, either in strong profile or looking us directly in the eye, these quiet warriors speak volumes. Our imaginations are fired and our fascination with the West is rekindled.

“Art is about sharing … what inspires the artist to paint it and what it inspires the viewer to do … I want to reignite people’s excitement about art. I want to show people what’s cool about the West and why it’s relevant right now.”

— Greg Overton

Original Oils on Canvas

As a young boy, Greg was captivated by the imagery of Russell and Remington. Emulating their work at the age of eight, he began his journey of creating his own style of Western art. After more than a decade working in a commercial art career, Greg returned to his first love, Western art. He has been painting as a professional artist for close to 20 years, refining his talent and gaining notoriety with each year.

With a deep fascination and respect for historical Native American figures, Greg does extensive research for every one of his paintings. Attending powwows, and ceremonies to fine-tune his knowledge, he has developed lasting relationships, learning tribal history and traditions. His imagery is often based on historical figures such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, and Geronimo. However, Greg reimagines his subjects, either historical or visionary, as if they were not influenced by history as we know it today.

Having personally experienced receiving a helping hand when it was most needed, Greg puts into action the belief that when we stay open to giving we may change a life. He is actively involved with various charities and fundraisers that benefit American Indian causes. Deeply moved by situations found on many reservations, he continues to donate work to be auctioned, giving the proceeds to the Navajo and Crow Nations, and others. He has also raised money for healthcare treatment, funded recreational facilities, and more.

Although not everyone may feel drawn to the powerful energy in his work, Greg hopes people will connect with the sincerity and truth in his paintings. Motivated to have his voice heard through his imagery, he wants to share his art with the world, leaving it a better place.

“We are made of mind, body and spirit. All of my paintings have a human representing our mind, an animal representing our body and something that represents our spirit … when these three elements are aligned we can do anything.” 

— Greg Overton

Original Sketches and Pre-Studies

We are excited to announce that Greg is now exclusively represented at Sorrel Sky Gallery. His original oils on canvas, which have drawn the attention of diverse celebrity collectors, can be seen in person at both our Durango, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico locations, and at In addition, his large-scale, hand-embellished giclee prints, and fine art prints on canvas or aluminum are available through either gallery or our website. Explore the works of Greg Overton today!

“Greg’s work is visually arresting and evocative. His personal convictions and passions can be felt in the powerful imagery he creates. Like the fearless leaders and warriors he paints, Greg is unafraid to push the edges of what might be viewed as ‘safe’ Western art.” 

— Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery

Canvas Giclees and Aluminum Prints

Listen to Greg Describe His Work