Wildlife and Wild Weather

October is looking pretty wild at Sorrel Sky! Come see several new wildlife portraits from renowned painter Edward (Ned) Aldrich, and check out the works of the intrepid outdoor artists of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM). Both Ned and the members of PAPNM brave wind, rain, and sun to explore new wildlife environments and to capture stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and more.

The Wonder of the Wild

Swimming by Edward Aldrich

Durango, Colorado — We’ll be hosting a one-man show, The Wonder of the Wild, featuring the wildlife portraits of Ned Aldrich. The show, with several new works, opens with an artist reception from 5:00-7:00 pm on October 15, 2021, at the gallery’s downtown location, 828 Main Ave. This same night, we will also be hosting a fundraiser in partnership with Wolfwood Refuge. Proceeds from selected works by Ned and other artists will benefit this non-profit refuge that provides a safe haven for at-risk wolves and wolf-dogs.

Black Wolf by Edward Aldrich

For Ned, it’s a privilege to see, explore and experience the landscapes and environments that his subjects inhabit. For over three decades, he has been creating art that communicates his personal wonder of nature and wildlife. ​​His “centralized” wildlife portraits provide a window into a world that most of us will never experience firsthand. He invites us to contemplate that world, acquainting ourselves with the wonder of the wild.

“Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have different interactions with different wildlife. The closer I can be with them, within reason of course, the more I’m able to get into their world. Those experiences may not be immediately evident in how I compose a scene or how I paint, but they go directly to how I express myself in my work. Each experience becomes part of me as a person and as an artist. And then it becomes part of a painting. While I’m painting, I can recall the original experience that my composition is based on, letting that energy and my love for that animal hopefully inspire the viewer.”

— Ned Aldrich

Whether placing his subject in its natural surroundings or against a more abstract backdrop, Ned recognizes that each person will make their own connection with that bear, cougar, wolf, elk, or bison.

“This is what makes art so personal. Every artist’s work is derived from their own personal experiences … each is different, all are unique. That intangible quality of individualized life experiences is what makes different art resonate with different people.”

— Ned Aldrich

“That feeling of surprise and awe, of wonder, that Ned captures in his paintings speaks directly to our innate need to understand our world and the creatures we share it with. Experiencing that wonder, either personally or in art, refreshes and energizes us, lifting our spirits, building our inner strength. Ned makes those moments of wonder even easier for us to access and include in our lives.”

— Shanan Campbell, Owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery

For a Few More Insights Into Ned and His Wolf Paintings, Read Ned’s Show Preview as Seen in Western Art Collector

Plein Air Painters of New Mexico

Cliff Faces by Barbara Coleman – 2020 Best of Signature Members

Santa Fe, New Mexico — A longtime supporter of plein air painting, Sorrel Sky is proud to host the 13th National Juried Members Show of the PAPNM from October 30 – November 12, 2021. The opening reception and awards presentation will be held from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm on October 30, at the gallery’s downtown location, 125 W Palace Ave. The exhibition, which will include up to 100 works created within the last two years from award winners and other participants, continues through November 12, 2021.

Plein air painting has a long history and a bright future. Art enthusiasts and collectors alike continue to be drawn to the energy and immediacy that plein air artists convey. This energy can be traced to the initial creation of a piece and its creator. Plein air painters endure wind, rain, intense heat and sun, bugs, and the constantly shifting light to capture their subject matter. Although some may find those challenges daunting, these artists experience great satisfaction in painting outdoors, and the Southwest provides them with a wealth of inspirational scenery. Sorrel Sky Gallery, representing several plein air painters, is honored to be hosting this and future PAPNM events.

“Plein air artists let you step through a window, into a moment in time. They were right there, painting that moment, and now you’re right there, experiencing that moment. It’s a connection we make not only with the imagery but with the artists, with their energy.”

— Shanan Campbell, Owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery