The Stories Behind the Art

— Explore — Discover — Connect —

Art is about exploration, discovery, connections. This is true for artists, art lovers, and all of us at Sorrel Sky.

Artists are constantly …

  • exploring new influences and techniques
  • discovering something new about themselves and about their artistry
  • making connections between personal and cultural history, between traditional and contemporary methods

Art Lovers are always …

  • exploring the works of various artists, new and established
  • looking to make a discovery that moves them
  • personally connecting to a painting, a sculpture, an intricately handcrafted piece of jewelry

At Sorrel Sky we …

  • value being part of those moments of exploration
  • appreciate how it feels to discover something special
  • understand the meaning of connections

This new series will explore, discover and connect you to …

The Stories Behind the Art

— Rustler Billy —

THOM ROSS shares the story behind Rustler Billy …

“This is one in a series of paintings I’ve been doing, telling the story of Billy the Kid but not so much as history but as dance … a ballet if you will … each scene being danced as if in a theater. In Rustler Billy you can see the spotlight shining down from above Billy’s head. I wanted to do a painting of Billy as a practicing rustler … but I wanted to make it theatrical, hence, not only is Billy dancing, so is his horse! The Kid is more like a trick rider in a circus than an actual rustler … but this is a ballet and so the connection is more between Billy and the trick rider from the circus than it is between Billy and actual rustlers.”

— Wild Inside —

DOYLE HOSTETLER shares the story behind Wild Inside …

Painting of a wild stallion by Doyle Hostetler to be see at Sorrel Sky Gallery

“My references all start with a ‘look’ I find compelling, some grab me right away, others take a little longer to see. This stallion has a look of exhaustion as if he’s just finished fighting off a challenger and yet he’s ready for the next one. The stallions, much like elk and bison compete to mate. Their harem has to be earned and it’s a continuous battle. My attempt in painting these wild creatures is to portray the ‘wild,’ while showing a bit of vulnerability and potentially a touch of personality. Wild Inside portrays a very wild, battle-tested horse … the softness in his posture lets me believe I could reach out and touch his velvety muzzle and he would oblige.”

— From the Flames —

TIM CHERRY shares the story behind From the Flames …  

“In the middle of my lockdown in the studio, I desperately needed to do something productive, meaningful, and positive. I kept thinking we were going to come out of this stronger and better. I thought the Phoenix was the perfect subject to use as a metaphor. From the Flames was inspired and created with the thoughts of putting this last year behind us, rejuvenating and reinventing ourselves with hope for the future.”

— Aviary Classic Ring —

OF RARE ORIGIN shares the story behind the Aviary Collection …  

“A small treasure found amidst Grandma’s belongings inspired the Aviary Collection. The tiny charm prompted a memory of her feeding our breakfast table crumbs to the birds every morning in Montauk. We used to tease her and say that whenever the birds would visit we would feel her presence. And so these pieces originated from a playful desire to create a graceful reminder of a loved one, a friend, or a personal memory. Working with artisans in Italy, we combined delicate handicraft with fantasy to produce these surprising works of art. As it happens, the earrings, rings, and necklaces may provoke someone to glance for a little bit too long or strike up a conversation. You will not go unnoticed.”

By the way … this ring has an Oprah connection. Yes, Oprah! So, we’ll sing its praises just a tiny bit. Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in history, took the stage at the 46th Presidential Inauguration with poise, grace … and this ring! The design features a hand-carved bird swinging in a gilded cage, set within a lush garden of flowers and pearls. It was a gift from Oprah and honored Maya Angelou, who wrote “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” and spoke at the 1993 Inauguration. At that time, Oprah gifted Angelou a coat and gloves to wear during her address, so this gesture to Amanda carries on the tradition and ties together these women in their legacy. We are thrilled that Of Rare Origin was part of this intensely personal, yet very public moment and excited to make this ring available to you.

Stay tuned as this series continues to explore, discover and connect to …

The Stories Behind the Art