Balance. Harmony.

Couldn’t we all do with a bit more balance and harmony in our lives? Something that smooths out the edges, that softens your day. Something to revive and fuel the imaginings of your heart. Something that says, “take a deep breath, but don’t forget to kick up your heels.”

The art created by Elsa Sroka and Lisa Gordon could very well be just what you need in your life! One paints. One sculpts. One lives and works in Colorado. One lives and works in New Mexico. Both bring a shared sense of balance and harmony, whimsey and metaphor to their work. Join us for “Balance & Harmony,” opening with an artist reception on June 4 from noon-4 pm at Sorrel Sky Santa Fe. Featuring new works from both artists, this show will be bolstering your balance and harmony through June 30th and online, whenever you need it.


Well known for placing seemingly ordinary subjects — a cow, a bird, a fox, at times alone, at times paired — in what may appear to be an unusual setting, Elsa invites the viewer to unravel the intrigue, and echo the balance and harmony.

“I see the connection between the animals in my paintings and feel the harmony of their emotional connection. It’s not a random placement, it’s what I personally seek out. If I can’t see that or it doesn’t speak to me, I can’t use it.”

Elsa Sroka

This past year, Elsa took some time to step back from her work, setting things aside and later returning to the studio with fresh energy. A significant element in that personal expedition was a class she participated in, which shed new light on her process. She found herself thinking about her paintings in a deeper way … the shapes and brushstrokes, the colors and composition. By allowing herself time to slow down and reflect on her work she’s experienced a rekindling of her energy and excitement. With the creation of several new pieces, Elsa continues to allow us the opportunity to enter this world of peace, a world of balance and harmony.

“I’m always looking for joy, for peace. When I paint I’m in a very peaceful place. Life presents all of us with challenges, so for me, it’s very important to find that peaceful inner place. I’m always happy when others are able to find a sense of calm and balance in my work, the peace that I’ve created for myself.”

Elsa Sroka


Lisa’s immediately recognizable sculptures of horses balanced on spheres, swaying on rockers, or gently leaning into each other are a whimsical and harmonious metaphor for the human experience, demonstrating the balance between having fun and giving life purpose.

“Play is a big part of my work, I don’t take myself too seriously. I take my art seriously but my approach is not too serious, it’s more playful.”

Lisa Gordon

When Lisa creates an equine series, she often sculpts each from scratch, giving every horse its own personality. This repetition of a thematic depiction essentially makes every piece a one-of-a-kind sculpture, distinctive and unique. At times Lisa includes landscape elements, bringing two or more horses together, letting the negative space add to the overall harmony, in a quiet expression of collaboration and partnership. During the past several months, Lisa allowed herself to explore her art and has experienced a sense of freedom as she sculpts other animals. This new wave of creativity balances what she describes as “her art,” the horses that she consistently returns to, and her “new art,” giraffes, polar bears, cats, skunks, and more, giving her an ever-broadening sense of confidence. Several equine sculptures and “new art” pieces will be seen for the first time in this show at Sorrel Sky.

“This past year I felt very fortunate to be in my home, which is filled with animals and my art. I was extremely content and felt at peace, which let me focus on my work.”

Lisa Gordon

“We all need balance and harmony in our lives. Seeing balance and harmony visually depicted for us in various ways allows us a mental resting place to achieve those sentiments in our day-to-day routine. Elsa and Lisa offer us those resting places in their thoughtful paintings and sculptures.”

— Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery