More Options. More Opportunities.

We’re excited to announce that Sorrel Sky is now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option, both online and at each gallery location. With the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, we recognized the importance of adopting this new buying trend early, keeping with our adaptive and forward-thinking attitude. We’re proud to be among some of the first in the fine art and jewelry business, in Colorado and New Mexico, to join this rapidly expanding buying trend.

“A major lesson I’ve learned over the years as a business owner is adaptability. When you’re not only willing to adapt, but also ready to adapt, you’re better equipped to both maintain strong relationships with established clients but attract new ones. Our decision to expand the payment options that we offer reflects our ability to adapt and embrace innovation and be innovative ourselves.”

— Shanan Campbell

From Christie’s to Tesla, Whole Foods to Coca-Cola, Microsoft to AT&T, cryptocurrency has established itself as a method of payment with businesses and buyers around the world. For art lovers, locally and globally, especially generations that may be new to collecting fine art but not new to technology, this is the perfect purchasing option. Sorrel Sky Gallery currently accepts the following forms of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin; Bitcoin Cash; Dai; Ethereum; Litecoin; USD Coin.

Another option that we’re offering fine art and jewelry lovers is Splitit, a payment method solution that allows you to make a purchase with an existing credit card but splits the cost into interest-free and fee-free monthly payments. This easy, buy-now-pay-later, alternative lets shoppers buy big and pay small. 

These two new options give you more opportunities to get the art and jewelry you want, right now!