Continually Widening the View

We’ve recently added four new artists to the gallery and we’d like for you to meet them! Expanding our representation to include new artists is an exciting process, for everyone here at Sorrel Sky, and for you. It widens our view and yours. We recognize how important it is to feel a personal connection to the art that you’re considering making a part of your life. Our hope is that you’ll create those connection with our artists and their art. Here’s a look at a few paintings from our most recently added artists. Be sure to explore more of their work in person and online, and please feel free to contact the gallery with any questions.

“Inspiration for my paintings comes from the world around me. A flash of color or spark of light catches my eye and draws me in. An idea is born and reality gets transformed into art through my imagination.” 

— Shawn Gould

Shawn Gould blends photorealism and tonalism with areas of precise detail, giving way to softer edges and muted tones. His paintings are the result of everyday nature seen through his eyes, the eyes of the artist. He captures those fleeting moments when the ever-changing elements of nature come together, turning an ordinary scene into something special. Realism is delicately balanced with more suggestive representation, making room for the viewer’s own imagination.

“Nothing compares to the freedom that was once experienced in the West, but people still crave it. I want to share that spirit … share it with others so they can feel freedom and strength.” 

— Greg Overton

Greg Overton maintains a deep fascination and respect for historical Native American figures, doing extensive research for every one of his paintings. Attending powwows, and ceremonies to fine-tune his knowledge, he has developed lasting relationships, learning tribal history and traditions. Basing his imagery on historical figures such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, and Geronimo, Overton reimagines his subjects as if they were not influenced by history as we know it today. Each portrait radiates strength, resolve, pride, respect.

“I try to convey a sense of mood, a sense of serenity or peace. I want people, to have a sense of place, to feel like they belong, and that they can’t wait to go there.” 

— Tom Lockhart

Tom Lockhart grew up in the small, rural town of Monte Vista, Colorado. Throughout his childhood, he spent time visiting his aunt’s ranch and the farms of various uncles. These experiences filled him with an appreciation for nature and that way of life. Over the years, his style and voice have become ever stronger. He continues to hone his skill, entering shows, winning awards, and recognition. Expressing his love of nature and wildlife — especially birds — in his paintings has brought him great joy.

“It’s all about my audience … I want people to make a statement with the art that they surround themselves with … I want something that is personal and powerful, that they connect with individually.”

— S.C. Mummert

S.C. Mummert works exclusively in oils, filling the canvas with his vision of the American West — cowgirls and cowboys, snap shirts and fringed gloves, boots and hats — the scenes often resemble a vintage magazine cover from the 1930s. His paintings are the result of hours and hours of historical research, scouting locations, clothing and models, determining the correct time of day for lighting, and more. At times he places his subjects in a detailed landscape or cafe, at other times they can be seen against washes of color or vintage styled wallpaper. These differences take into account the differences in his audience, both collectors and those just discovering his work.

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, shared her excitement regarding these new artists and the energy they bring, “The process of bringing a new artist into the gallery is very dynamic. It’s a combination of what we’ve learned our clients are interested in, as well as what sparks our own interest. Just as much as an art lover looking for a new piece by a new artist needs to feel a connection to that art, and the artist, so do we at the gallery. When we’re excited about it, everyone can feel it.”