Under the Influence of the “Colors Of The West”

Colors both evoke and influence emotions. They can calm us, empower us, motivate us and inspire us in obvious and subtle ways. We’re all under the influence of color! This September, explore how colors influence the sculpture and paintings of Star Liana York and Maura Allen. “Colors Of The West” will focus on how color affects them personally and how it translates into their art. Known and admired for their depictions of flora, fauna and Western life, each artist uses a distinctive medium to capture natural and cultural elements. Their work, along with several new pieces, can be seen in person at our Durango location at 828 Main Ave, or enjoyed virtually on our website.

Marching Orders (Three Cubs) by Star Liana York

“We find happiness not just in creativity, but in cultivating creativity.”

Star Liana York

Star Liana York sees the heart as the compass for creativity. “We find happiness not just in creativity, but in cultivating creativity. What we invest our hearts and minds in makes for a rich happy life.” Letting color influence her work is part of York’s creative cultivation. The past months spent in her studio have allowed her time to think more about new pieces and to revisit old pieces. “Being around some of my old sculptures reminded me of things that are highlighted at this time, thoughts of healing, where you are in life and where you’re going, the reminder of how quickly life changes, and the need to think of what’s most important. For any species, it’s the youth, the future generations.” These thoughts are reflected in several of York’s new sculptures featuring coyote pups, bobcat kits, a mother bear and three cubs, and more.

“I find myself seeing things with a new lens and discovering new stories to be told.”

Maura Allen

Maura Allen’s work is a play between old and new, real and remembered — the past is always present. For her, color creates a sense of place, triggering memories of a time, a location, or a state of mind. Acknowledging that each culture perceives and interprets colors differently, she is ever aware of how the “science of color can be used in layers, telling a story.” During these past months, Allen has been deepening her photography knowledge and skills. While spending time with images in her archive, she finds herself “seeing things with a new lens and discovering new stories to be told.” A new series, Kodachrome, with vibrant, nostalgic colors, has come out of those reflections.

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, commented on pairing the art of York and Allen. “Color resonates with each of us in complex and meaningful ways, it’s how we’re hardwired. Showing Star and Maura’s work side-by-side gives us a deeper sense of how they find the colors of the West both personally motivating and inspiring.” 

Be sure to contact us with your questions about any of the art seen here or on our website. Our art consultants look forward to hearing from you.