Courage. Strength. Crazy Arrow.

Artist Thom Ross has long been fascinated with American and Native American history. Images that include historic folk-heroes and cultural ceremonies are often found in his work. Ross works in various media including painting, book illustration, and life-sized recreations of historical scenes. Favorite subjects include Cowboys, Indians, and historical battle in the American Indian Wars.

Inspired by historic images of Native American warriors shooting arrows into the sky, Ross has created a stunning public art installation. Located less than 25 minutes south of Santa Fe on Route 285 South, near Lamy, New Mexico, it can be viewed from August 13-17, 2020.

This installation, entitled Crazy Arrow, includes 20 vibrantly painted silhouettes. With feathers in their hair, bow and arrow in hand, each stands between 7′-8′ tall. Honoring the courage and bravery of Native American warriors, this amazing exhibit highlights the diversity of cultural ceremonies and celebrations that make up the Southwest.

“My love of history, my enjoyment in story-telling, and my passion for painting … supplies as much in artistic enjoyment as it does in the contemplation of history and the people and events which so shaped it.”  

Thom Ross

Creation of the Crazy Arrow Installation by Thom Ross