New Artists. New Art.

We’ve recently welcomed five new artists to the gallery. Be sure to check out their work, either in person or on our website.

Lawrence Lee will show in both Durango and Santa Fe. Chuck Middlekauff and Roberto Ugalde will show in Durango. Mateo Romero and Kathryn Ashcroft will show in Santa Fe. 

“When new artists join the gallery, each with their own inspiration and artistry, we all sense the new energy …”

Shanan Campbell

Lawrence Lee has been a full-time professional artist since 1979. Known for his distinctive shamanistic imagery, Lee’s paintings feature the colors and themes of the American Southwest in all its mystery and magic. Lee’s shaman series will be shown at our Durango location and his landscapes at our Santa Fe location. “I am intrigued by the creative things that issue forth from my mind and hand, and I want to see what comes next.”

Sun Spirit Shaman by Lawrence Lee
Cold Front by Lawrence Lee

Chuck Middlekauff focuses on what cowboys do when “they’re not chasing cows,” when they’re perched on fences, playing with a yo-yo, wearing dust-covered jeans and boots, their hats at an angle. “I want my paintings to be fun…and to evoke a rich nostalgia for things that may soon be gone. I hope viewers will be entertained and reminisce with me.”

Coca Cola Cowboy by Chuck Middlekauff

Roberto Ugalde breathes life into his landscapes and figures with his masterful use of oils, applied mostly using a palette knife with brilliant, heavy paint strokes. He expresses the essence of his subjects in a way that draws the viewer into the painting. “I love nature, time of day, light, colors, seasons…any season is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty in it.”

Standing Tall by Roberto Ugalde

Mateo Romero contrasts timeless, archaic elements of Pueblo culture with contemporary abstract expressionist palette knife and brushwork. There is the sense of a rhythmic, trancelike feeling, referential to the metaphysical space of the Pueblo and the dance itself. “My imagery is powerful, imposing, juxtaposed with swirling gestural paint marks and drips.” 

War Music Series #2 by Mateo Romero

Kathryn Ashcroft works with oils and loves their vibrant, creamy colors. Although she is known mainly for her wildlife paintings, her work has expanded to include Western genre as well. “My entire life goes into my paintings, all that I have lived and felt. I can tell when a painting is complete when I have become part of it.”

Black and Blue by Kathryn Ashcroft

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, talked about the dynamic process of welcoming new artists. “When new artists join the gallery, each with their own inspiration and artistry, we all sense the new energy. The anticipation of receiving their work, the care taken as we place it at the gallery, and then the delight of observing how everyone responds to the new artwork in their own way.”