Favorite Things – February

Here are a few of our favorite things from February. What were some of your favorite things this month?

Oil painting of aspens in the summer against a blue sky by Hadley Rampton


It’s so close … you can smell it in the air! Until it’s official, let’s bring the outdoors in with vistas and views, panoramas and landscapes.

Oil painting of summer aspen and lupine by Stephen Day

Bronze sculpture of an older man gently wrapping a blanket around an older woman by Star Liana York


February gets everyone thinking about love. And everyone has their best ideas of how to make their love known. Flirt a little. Listen a lot. Talk. Remember. Give. Share.

Painting of Mickey and Minnie with Oreos by Chuck Middlekauff


Our Art Collecting DO’S and DON’TS series started. We hope it gets you feeling empowered and inspired to keep making your art collection dreams a reality!

Painting of a Shaman in a red cloak and white headdress, with a raven on his shoulder by Lawrence Lee

Oil painting of a gauging station by Lyn Boyer


The galleries are busily preparing for all our March events. Joins us for: A Jewelry Show. A Native American Film Reception. An Artist Workshop. A Plein Air Painting Fiesta.

Dragonfly pendant by Ray Tracey
Painting of a ranch surrounded by red rock mesas under a New Mexico sky by Peggy Immel