Make Your Love Known

“…Who could refrain,
That had a heart to love, and in that heart
Courage to make love known?”

William Shakespeare

Who has your heart? Have you told them lately? Are you about to make your love known for the first time? Here are some great ideas for making your love known this Valentine’s Day … and every day!


A quick glance, a long look … flirt with your love. Hold hands, wink, whisper sweet-nothings.


Take time to hear what the other is saying. Listen with your heart and your mind. Listen for what isn’t said.


Share your joys and fears, hopes and worries, dreams and stresses. Share something silly, something serious.


Explore new things together. Plant some flowers. Take that hike. Cook a meal. Listen to their favorite music, not just yours.


Cherish your time together. Remember why you love them, why you’re with them, why they make you laugh, why they have your heart.


Be generous with your time and your attention. Say something kind. Send a sweet text. Give them a smile. A hug. An item on their wish list. Give.