The Art of Kindness

Imagine an art form that we can all learn and master. One that not only makes the artist and the viewer feel good, but one that gathers momentum and pulls others into that feel good energy. An art form that can contribute to a happy, healthier life. The “Art of Kindness.”

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve been shown kindness, and then felt motivated to show it to others. Often, a single act of kindness will extend far beyond what we may have ever imagined. Yes, kindness is contagious.

A thoughtful word. A listening ear. A sincere compliment. A cheerful smile. Regardless of how small or great, acts of kindness can give us great joy and happiness, at the same time positively affecting the lives of those around us.

This coming year, let’s all practice our “Art of Kindness.” By being a bit more thoughtful and understanding, a bit gentler and friendlier, imagine the masterpiece we can each contribute to the world!