Jewelry DO’S and DON’TS – Part 3

TURQUOISE has fascinated humankind for well over 7,500 years. Spanning cultures, prized as a symbol of wisdom and nobility, and said to possess the power of immortality, turquoise continues to captivate and enthrall. Here are a few easy to remember DO’S and DON’TS to ensure it continues to enchant and charm you, casting its spell on you with each wear.


DO HANDLE WITH CARE – Everyone likes to be treated with care and consideration. So does turquoise. Natural turquoise is naturally a soft (easily scratched) and fragile (easily broken) stone. If it could scratch you, it likely could scratch your turquoise. Treat it like you’d treat yourself.

DO GIVE IT A LITTE EXTRA ATTENTION – Everyone likes to be given a little extra attention. Your turquoise feels the same. Show it just how much you value it by using a soft polishing cloth or special jewelry cloth (never a paper towels or bath tissue) to clean your turquoise.

DO BE KIND TO IT WHEN NOT WEARING IT – Everyone likes to be shown kindness. Turquoise is no different. Even when you’re not wearing it, give it a safe, scratch-free environment to rest in. Use a jewelry pouch to protect it from other jewelry with hard stones or metals that could cause scratches. 


DON’T FORGET ITS UNIQUE NATURE – Being a relatively soft and porous gemstone, turquoise requires a bit more care and protection. It’s well worth the small effort need to take a moment to consider its characteristics and how it responds to the environment it will be exposed to.

DON’T SHARE YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE WITH IT – As with all your jewelry and gemstones, be sure to limit the contact your turquoise has with make-up, creams, perfume, hair products and lotions. Put your turquoise on after you’ve completed your beauty routine and applied beauty products.

DON’T MAKE IT FIGHT FOR ITS LIFE – Protecting our turquoise from harsh chemicals is likely obvious to us. However, to ensure that it keep its good looks, it’s best to also avoid household soaps or jewelry cleaning solutions. Prolonged exposure to water or sun should also be avoided.

Once turquoise casts its beautiful spell on you, you’ll want to enjoy it for a lifetime, and with a little care you can. Here’s to a great life together!