2020 Workshop Series

Sorrel Sky is excited to announce its 9th Annual Workshop Series! Starting in February 2020 and continuing through June 2020, the gallery will host 2 and 3-day workshops at 828 Main Ave, Durango, Colorado, and at 125 W. Palace Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Featuring scratchboard, painting, color theory, screen-printing and more, several gallery represented artists will share their expertise, offer personal insights, and individualized attention, as you expand your knowledge and build your confidence.

“It’s an honor to know and represent such gifted, generous artists.”  – Shanan Campbell

Venture Into Color with BJ BrinerFebruary 1&2 in Santa Fe – Through experimentation and individualized guidance, students will acquire a basic understanding of oil pencil on paper and personal perception of this unique medium. For beginners to intermediate. 

It’s Alive! – Incorporating the Figure Into the Landscape with Lyn Boyer February 21-23 in Durango – Learn how to identify and avoid potential problems while convincingly incorporating figures and animals into a painting. For confident beginners to advanced. 

Making Your Paintings Sing with Peggy ImmelMarch 6-8 in Santa Fe – Focus will be given to a simplified approach to color and values, providing insight into how to achieve luminosity and the effects of atmosphere and light in a painting. Open to artists of all ability levels.

Scratchboard 101 with Patsy DavisApril 3-5 in Durango – Learn how values are achieved using a razor blade in this 2-dimensional subtractive art form with roots dating back to the 1800s. Open to artists of all ability levels.

Landscape Painting Essentials with Stephen DayApril 3-5 in Santa Fe – Value, drawing, edges, color, materials, and technique will be discussed, all the essentials that make strong landscapes. Come ready to paint. For beginners to intermediate. 

Serigraph Splendor: Explore the Wonders of Screenprinting with Maura Allen – April 24&25 in Santa Fe – Starting with an initial concept, then incorporating color and pattern, explore how everyday elements can serve as the building block for a high impact visual experience. Open to artists of all ability levels. 

It’s Not Easy Painting Green with Peggy ImmelApril 17-19 in Durango – Discover how to easily and successfully capture the greens of spring and summer in a landscape. Explore color theory, color value, color temperature, mixing paints and more. Open to artists of all ability levels.

Plein Air Painting with Palette Knife with Hadley RamptonMay 1-3 in Durango – Day-1: Fundamentals of palette knife techniques. Days 2&3: Head outdoors to explore the mark-making of the palette knife and how to work with it, not against it. At least a beginning level of drawing/painting recommended.

No Fear Oil Painting – Find the Boldness in Your Brushes with Lyn Boyer May 29-31 in Santa Fe – Learn 3 keys in 3 days to unlocking expression and start painting without fear! Creative brush handling, unraveling the color and light, and mastering edges. For intermediate to advanced. 

Advanced Wildlife Painting with Edward AldrichJune 5-7 in Durango – Advance your knowledge of, and confidence in, painting animals. Understand the relevance of both technical ability and conceptual awareness with demonstrations, analysis of method and critiques  For intermediate.

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, shared her thoughts regarding the workshop series: “Each year, as I observe the exchange of knowledge and expertise between artists and students, my admiration and respect for them grows. It’s an honor to know and represent such gifted, generous artists.”  

Visit www.SorrelSky.com for more detailed descriptions and registration information.