New Artists. New Art.

New Artists.

New Art.

Sorrel Sky is excited to welcome seven additional artists to the gallery! Painters Hadley Rampton, Nancy Davidson, and Mark Keathley, and sculptor Tim Cherry will show in Durango. Painters Cindy Long and Thom Ross, and Native American jeweler Chris Pruitt will show in Santa Fe. 

These seven new artists will give art lovers the opportunity to discover new works that speak to them, that become part of their lives, and tell their story.” – Shanan Campbell

Hadley Rampton paints with a palette knife using bold strokes, breaking her subject matter down into simplified form, composed of value and color. “I’m energized by the challenges and beauty of nature, by the dynamics of light, atmosphere, and temperature in the Rocky Mountains and in the deserts of the Southwest.”

Nancy Davidson blends the realism of traditional art with the vibrant color and design of contemporary art. Her paintings lay somewhere between the world of reality and the world of dreams. “Horses are magnificent animals and it is pure joy to paint them … they embody the raw energy and spirit of nature itself.” 

Mark Keathley uses bold brushstrokes, vibrant color, and soul-stirring light to capture that perfect moment when an elk or moose steps out of the woods for an unforgettable experience. “I want my paintings to inspire people to be still, to listen to that quiet voice, and then rise up assured that they are a part of something bigger than their schedule.” 

Tim Cherry creates sculptures which not only attract the viewer’s eye but also the viewer’s hand. “My approach involves the use of simplified shapes and lines to produce curvilinear forms. I enjoy orchestrating these elements into sculpture that is rhythmical, flowing and inviting to the touch. Capturing the grace and elegance of my subjects is a primary goal.”

Cindy Long brings to life the strong and unique faces of the people of the American West with her sensitive graphite and charcoal portraits. “Everyone has a story. I love how black-and-white portraiture can express that story, the essence of a personality, going straight into the soul of the subject, without the distraction of color.”

Thom Ross paints American History, focusing on the historical “folk hero” (Jesse James) as compared to the mythical “folk hero” (Paul Bunyan). “My love of history, my enjoyment in story-telling, and my passion for painting … supplies as much in artistic enjoyment as it does in the contemplation of history and the people and events which so shaped it.”

Chris Pruitt has enjoyed a rapid increase in attention within the sphere of contemporary Native American jewelry. His techniques include: fabricating, brazing, texturing, polishing, cutting, and inlay of precious and semi-precious stones and wood. “My work represents a contemporary style of silversmithing with a traditional touch.”

Shanan Campbell, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, shared an essential factor when selecting new artists: “The focus of the gallery has always been to create meaningful connections between artists and art lovers. These seven new artists will give art lovers the opportunity to discover new works that speak to them, that become part of their lives, and tell their story.”