Ravens. Crows. Blackbirds.

So clever.

So rowdy.

So numerous.

These feisty, tenacious and highly intelligent birds have long been viewed as symbols of wisdom, knowledge, flexibility, mental clarity and energy. Throughout history, they’ve called from treetops and swooped over fields, inspiring artists and nature lovers. Sculptures Star Liana York, Peter Woytuk and Jim Eppler, and painters Kevin Red Star and BJ Briner are just a few of the artists at Sorrel Sky Gallery who feature these brainy, bold birds in their work.

Ravens on average, are larger than crows, up to 25″ tall, with a four foot wingspan. Their beak is more slender and slightly longer. When the sun shines on them, their feathers shine with blue and purple tints. Although bold and even playful, ravens prefer to live in less populated areas.

Crows are smaller, approximately 18″ tall and their wingspan averages three feet. The beak is slighter thicker than a ravens. A crow’s feathers are a flint black and duller than the sheen of raven’s feathers. The gregarious crow is happy living in densely congested areas.

Blackbirds are smaller still, less than 10″ tall, with a maximum wingspan just over a foot. Although their feathers are black, they often have a colored beak or head, and bright bands of color can be seen on their wings, either at rest or in flight. Blackbirds are shy of humans, avoiding any close contact.

It is not the differences between ravens, crows or blackbirds that interest and inspire artists. It is their transformational nature. High-flying, freewheeling, outspoken – symbols of intuition, change and self-discovery.

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  1. The painting of the raven is amazing. How the feathers were painted is very wonderful. Clever work.


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