We Need Art – Five Reasons Why

Five reasons we need art.
Five reasons art endures.

Art Transcends Time 

Image of a horse from the Lascaux caves made by the Cro-Magnon peoples at their hunting route in the Stone age.jpg

Creating art is a basic human behavior. The world over, art has been instinctively made by children and adults alike. Every culture has art. Like language and laughter, art is fundamental to our interactions with life, with each other. Art is a natural part of who we are as human beings.

Image of a horse from the Lascaux caves made by the Cro-Magnon peoples in the Stone age

Art Communicates

Princess Nefertiabet-2589–2566 BC-limestone and paint-From Giza-Louvre Paris.jpg

Art is a medium to express ideas and to share information. However, art speaks in a language that bridges boundaries. It communicates what we may not necessarily fully understand or know how to express. Art allows us to share thoughts, ideas, and visions that may not be able to be articulated any other way.

Princess Nefertiabet; 2589–2566 BC – Louvre, Paris

Art Heals

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci c 1503–1506 perhaps continuing until c 1517 Louvre Paris.jpg

Creating or experiencing art can relax and soothe, it can enliven and motivate. Art engages both the body and the mind, enabling us to look inward and reflect. It encourages critical thinking and better communication. Art provides a release, a place for contemplation and rediscovery. Art promotes healthy self-awareness.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci c 1503–1506, perhaps continuing until c 1517 – Louvre, Paris

Art Tells Our Story

SSG-Crow man on war horse by Kevin Red Star.jpg

Art protects cultural values, beliefs, and identity. Art chronicles individual and collective lives and experiences. It records achievements, preserves customs, and documents events and experiences, allowing us a richer understanding of each other.  Art grants us the ability to better understand and share our individual and shared history.

Crow Man on a War Horse by Kevin Red Star

Art Connects Us

SSG-Med Smooth Open Jar by Pahponee.jpg

Art is a collective activity. Art forms such as dance, theatre, and choir all require a group of artists and an audience. Even the solitary painter, sculptor, or jeweler depends on the response of those who acquire their work. Art extends to each of us a reason to come together and share in an experience. Art keeps us connected.

Smooth Open Jar by Pahponee

So bring some art into your life. Visit a museum or gallery. Stroll through a park or a downtown that has public art. Listen to music you love or have never heard before. Learn about others. Get connected. Allow yourself to feel the power of art!