The Wild Within


Join us for “The Wild Within,” featuring the wildlife paintings of Ned Aldrich, opening in May at our Durango gallery. Aldrich pushes past realistic rendering of wildlife, providing a window into the secret world that wild animals inhabit. His animal portraits capture moments in time; that split second before an eagle launches into flight, that slight hesitation before a wolf returns to the shadows of the forest. The artist reception is on May 10, 2019, from 5:00-7:00 pm at the gallery’s downtown location, 828 Main Ave. You can enjoy the show throughout the month of May. 


If you stop by the gallery during the day on May 10-12, you can catch a glimpse of Aldrich teaching a sold-out artist workshop, Wildlife Painting and Drawing. He will be aiding students in advancing their knowledge and confidence in painting and drawing animals.


“Ned’s paintings … connect us to the energy, the powerful harmony seen in nature.” – Shanan Campbell Wells


For close to three decades, Ned has been creating art that communicates his personal wonder of nature and wildlife. His paintings pull back the curtain to a world that most will never experience firsthand, allowing the viewer to step into that world, and see the wild within. He counts it a privilege to see, explore and experience the landscapes and habitats that his subjects inhabit. “There’s so much out there … it’s an artist’s dream,” he straightforwardly states.


Always looking to experiment with new stylistic approaches, he has recently been exploring a more contemporary, “brushy feel.” This style retains the realism that he is known for while adding an expressiveness that he finds exciting and engaging. During the past year, he has also been working on a series of large private commissions. These stark and intense paintings place white wolves on snow with grey or blue backgrounds. This oversized collection has given Aldrich the opportunity to paint several pieces that are more tonal in nature, and on a scale ranging in size from around 48×48 to 60×60. 


Shanan Campbell Wells, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, commented on Aldrich’s wildlife portraits. “Portraiture gives the viewer an intimate, expressive look into the subject. The intent is to reveal their personality and mood, sparking a connection. Ned’s paintings do just that. They connect us to the energy, the powerful harmony seen in nature.”