Where the Magic Happens: A Tour of Ben Nighthorse’s Studio

One thought on “Where the Magic Happens: A Tour of Ben Nighthorse’s Studio”

  1. My 21year old sorrel colored quarter horse just passed and I am looking for a stone in a ring to reflect her perfect as the Black Stallion series book talks about in Fire on the Mountain. I am looking for a red sparkling sorrel colored stone that sparkles to match her absolute gorgeous beauty to match a reminder in memory of her Starlight Starbright as I used to call her because she had a Star white marking on her beautiful forehead. She was everything I prayed and wished for as a young child of 6-7year and Iam 46 now. She was the fire and hope that kept me going in not as easy of life as many receive. I have seen the fire opal but Iam not sure that is the absolute best but seems close. Could you please help me find a stone just nearly as wonderful in color and spirit as she. My hopes and dreams were buried with her and I desperately need somethiing to refleve the absolute loss of her as well as myself. A huge part of me is gone and buried with this unbelievable more valuable than human spirit of animal which in a way we all are no matter what form the spirit is it is always as valuable as any if not more for they are blameless. She was my hope in my life and now it is gone. please please please help Iam absolutely void and need to keep a part of the earth that can barely even reflect her radiance, like the sun is a huge star so was she!
    I need the stone to be especially reflective of her beauty but to be in the shape of a star. Can you or do you know of a stone to reflect such shining brilliance and also someone who could create such a beautiful brilliant piece. It is more than i can put into words. Please help me! I need this more than any thing in my existance. I am void of any hope anyjore. It is over done. If correct I will request bracelet, necklace and something that includes them both of them together Samwise Gamgee her love when I couldn’t be there. I call him my CRescent Moon boy and I need to see the 2 rings reflecting their amazing beauties. Thank you God Bless you immensely and for all time and all your relations now and for all to come. Pegasus McCoy

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