Modeling for Peter Campbell

3 thoughts on “Modeling for Peter Campbell”

  1. It was an incredible experience and Sorrel Sky’s hospitality in opening their gallery to artist-wanna-bes in such a wonderful way was greatly appreciated. Jill and Margaret were patient and delightful as they sat, and sat, and sat through our frustrations and victories in the world of painting. Peter’s ability to push us each out of our comfort zone, then guide us through the quagmire of mistakes to some real possiblilities. It was worth every single moment! The other students intense desire to excel and helpful encouragement made this a very excellent weekend.
    Thank you, Sorrel Sky for opening your home to aspiring artists!

  2. Thank you Becky for expressing so succinctlly exactly what the weekend felt like. For myself I was driven from highs to lows, between the prospect of the experience of learning and the actuality of making paint follow my command. Our models Jill and Margaret were a joy to work with, thank you for taking time out of your schedules. Peter is not only a wonderful teacher but also fun. The technique is solid and the training invalueable. Peter with several precise strokes, could correct a disaster to something I could live with. Shanan has created in Sorrel Sky a wonderful space for learning and appreciating the wonders of art here in our fabulous southwest. Thank you all.

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